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2018/03/22 09:44
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Due to business expansion, the company now needs to recruit relevant sales personnel in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Guangzhou and Quanzhou. The specific work is responsible for sales of Fuji servo products that the company represents.
Job responsibility
1. Responsible for market development and sales of servo products, formulating sales plans and execution;
2. Maintain old customers and develop new customers to find potential users;
3, complete personal sales tasks and assist the team to complete the established performance targets;
Job Requirements
(1) 20-45 years old, electrical engineering and automation / mechatronics related majors preferred;
(2) Sales experience of inverter/PLC/servo/touch screen/low voltage electrical appliance is preferred;
(3) Good interpersonal relationship and team spirit, hard working, active work, and ability to independently develop markets and customers
(4) Work Location: Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Quanzhou
Interested parties please send your resume to: hr@fujitrading.cn