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Fuji Electric's new elevator special inverter listed

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2018/05/11 18:14
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FRENIC5000G11UD Special Specifications for Vector Control Using PG Option Card
Specifications are: 3.7/5.5/11/15/18.5/22/30/37/45/55KW,
Has the following characteristics:
    1) Vector control according to the PG feedback signal.
    2) The PG feedback signal is divided by the specified frequency and output by the open collector.
    3) Rely on digital AVR to achieve smooth operation even at extremely low speeds.
    4) Zero speed operation can be achieved.
    5) Since the timer with the same speed command can be set, even if the delay time of the external relay is discrete, it has no effect on the speed command.
    6) It is possible to individually set the use range and acceleration/deceleration time of the S word corresponding to the speed command.
    7) Due to the use of the torque bias function, the impact at the time of brake release can be mitigated.
    8) The battery can be operated during a power outage.
    9) The function data can be protected due to the password function.
    10) Direct stop operation is possible.
    11) Torque compensation can be performed during lifting by compensating for unbalanced loads.
    12) Japan original, standard configuration with PG card and brake unit.
    13) Chinese operation panel.