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PrimuX ISDN Card

PrimuX designed to meet the needs of professional ISDN communications, these adapters use 4-120 channels, providing reasonable solutions in different environments.
With its stable reliability, wide applicability and attractive price, it has been widely praised. Some well-known software manufacturers have already used PrimuX cards in their products.
This gives you extra protection.
Typical PrimuX card use products include:
Voice mail system
Human-computer interaction system
Fax server
Fax registration system
Value-added service system
Video conference, chat room system
Internet related products
Business Network
Basically, the PrimuX card already has all the features needed for special purpose or general fax server and conferencing systems.
The above makes our company sole agent sales basic information of PrimuX ISDN card, if need consult and discuss please contact us.
Contact person: Mr. Chen Tel: 13603021997
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